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Suitable for ages: 3 - Adult
Skills: Creativity, Fine Motor Skills, Visual Perception
Box size: 19.5cm x 11.5cm
Product Code: FBSQ24

Product Information


Fun Little Suckers!

We have never seen anything quite like Squigz before and they have just won a major award in the USA.

Apply pressure to any 2 Squigz. The air rushes out and the fun rushes in (possibly the most fun we have ever had). Made from high-quality silicone and fully washable, they connect to each other and to any solid, non-porous surface. They flex and they stick. They suck people into creativity - it's what we call "suction construction". There are 8 different types of Squigz in various quantities within each set. 

Squigz are scientific sorts - always up for playful experimentation and defying gravity - sticking to the walls, windows, school lockers, tabletops, and desktops - and they don't leave marks either. They're therapeutic as well. This remarkable invention is something really special! 



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