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Almost all of the puzzles in the Mad 4 Jigsaws range are manufactured to order here in the UK, using traditional puzzle manufacturing equipment, to ensure that what you receive is a finished jigsaw puzzle of the highest quality.

Our made-to-order range is created from scratch by skilled craftsmen. Once the jigsaw factory has received your order the picture that will form your puzzle is glued to high quality board. The board is then pressed by rollers to ensure that it is completely flat.

Having allowed time for the glue to dry, your jigsaw is then passed through a ‘splitting’ machine which cuts the jigsaw into two manageable sized pieces ready for cutting.

One of our jigsaw specialists will then place your jigsaw onto a conveyor belt where the cut is completed and the pieces forced apart. The pieces then travel down a funnel, where they are bagged and sealed immediately to ensure that no pieces go astray.

Your puzzle can now be boxed. Your finished puzzle will then go through a series of quality control checks before being taken to the dispatch department. Most of our jigsaws are sent via a courier direct to your door.

We pride ourselves in providing you with a range of jigsaws that is different to others, and indeed many of the images are created in-house by our team.

If you have any questions or comments about any of our jigsaw puzzles, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing

Best wishes

The Mad 4 Jigsaws team