1,000,000 BC - 1000 PIECES

£16.99 In stock

Number of pieces: 1000
Product Code: M4JOBCLG

Product Information

It’s 1 million BC and these cavemen and cavewomen are going about their day. This very funny jigsaw puzzle shows what life would have been like if humans co-existed with the dinosaurs! One caveman looks terrified of the T-rex that is a little too close for comfort and in the background a group of brontosauruses are cooling down in the water. The beginning of the extinction of the woolly mammoth is evident too, with one caveman holding a cookbook on ‘how to cook mammoth’. Meanwhile, an episode of ‘changing caves’ is being hosted by a familiar character, showing off his cave drawings as part of the new cave décor! Can you spot the classic Ambler characters, such as the Grim Reaper, the vulture, the legs and the mole?


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