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Suitable for ages: 6 - Adult
Skills: Numeracy, Strategic Planning, Visual Perception
Box size: 26cm x 26cm
Product Code: HPCTRP

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If you ENJOY games like Rummikub and Scrabble, as well as the mathematical challenges on Countdown, then you will love Traponium. It’s a numbers game and it’s amazing. The best thing about it is that the difficulty level is adjustable, meaning that it can be played by everyone from ages 6 to adult – a proper family game!

By using just the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 (the 'powers of 2'), it is possible, using addition and each number no more than once, to total any number between 1 and 127. By using just the numbers 1, 3, 9, 27 and 81 (the 'powers of 3') it is possible by using addition and/or subtraction and each number no more than once, to total any number between 1 and 121. 
Roll the die to determine your number of moves. To move to a square, use some of the 12 randomly chosen number tiles on your rack to create an equation that equals the number on that square. You can do this by either using numbers which are the 'powers of 2', OR the 'powers of 3', but you cannot mix them. 
Think strategically and keep hold of your jokers until you really need them as they could win you the game. Roll 'sabotage' on the die and scupper an opponent's plans! The board changes randomly with each new game making Traponium an exceptional challenge. Outstanding.

To view the full instructions of how to play Traponium, click here.


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